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YUWEITEK is a sci-tech enterprise driven by market and technology and providing advanced equipment for semiconductor manufacturing. The company faces the fields of semiconductor manufacturing, advanced packaging, compound semiconductors, advanced displays industries, etc., and provides customers with competitive products and technical solutions. Focusing on the design and integration of semiconductor optical inspection and metrology systems, the company to help China’s semiconductor equipment independence,YUWEITEK has entered four markets:mask inspection,wafer inspection,pan-semiconductuor inspection,wafer metrology with six categories of products.Strive to become world’s first-tier technology provider in the semiconductor equipment industry.

YUWEITEK’s professionalism begins with YUWEITEK’s market insight, cares for every client's demands, plans a complete product line, and is committed to continuously creating high-performance inspection and metrology products, empowering the process control of semiconductor manufacturers, and helping the rapid development of Chinese semiconductor industry. The key performance of the first integrated circuit mask defect detection product launched by the company has reached the international leading level, obtained SEMI S2 certification from the Global Semiconductor Association, passed the recognition of the world's largest semiconductor  manufacturer, and obtained repeated orders. Wafer defect inspection products have been certified by the well-known integrated circuit manufacturer, and successfully expending into other customers’fabs. This product contributes to the "stuck neck" problem resolution,which is an important milestone in the localization of semiconductor equipment. The company will always rely on technology and products to provide customers with more competitive solutions,creating value for Chinese semiconductor industry,and continue to grow by helping customers succeed.

The company gathers core teams members with a occupation background of all the top institutes and enterprises in the domestic semiconductor industry,who masters the core technologies such as the design, integration and imaging of a complete set of cutting-edge optical equipment. The team has more than ten years of experience in promoting the research and development of complex large-scale equipment with top difficulties in China, thus filling the domestic gap.The core teams always aim to solve the tough problems of domestic semiconductor equipment. The project team adopted the technical standard of lithography machine and applied it to semiconductor quantity detection, striving to improve the international competitiveness of domestic semiconductor inspection and metrology equipment. At present, the company has set up a talent team with a complete system of R&D, testing, production, marketing and after-sales, of which R&D personnel account for more than 50%.It is believed that the company will be bound to realize rapid development and product technology upgrading in the future with the efforts of a professional and efficient R&D team.

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