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Company Profile:

YUWEITEK is a growth-oriented enterprise driven by market and technology. The company focuses on the product R&D of semiconductor, pan-semiconductor, optoelectronics and intelligent manufacturing, provides customers with services such as equipment, instruments and technical solutions, and is committed to becoming the first echelon technology provider in the global semiconductor equipment industry. The company has a high-quality core team, whose members come from top institutes and enterprises in the domestic semiconductor industry, and master a complete set of cutting-edge optical equipment design, integration and imaging core technologies. The team lasted for more than ten years, and experienced to promote the research and development of complex large-scale equipment with top difficulty in domestic equipment, fill the domestic gap, and promote the level of the whole industrial chain. At present, the company has established a complete team system of R&D, engineering, supply chain production and marketing (in which R&D personnel account for more than 50%, and staff with master's degree accounts for more than 35%), and has high-tech enterprise qualification, SEMI S2 certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, etc.

In a context that the state strongly supports and develops the basic semiconductor industry, the company is in a historical opportunity period of rapid development of the domestic semiconductor equipment industry. Relying on domestic key laboratories to carry out joint technical research. With the strong engineering development experience and efficient resource integration ability, the company launched its productsto the market in the first year of its establishment.Currently, a lot of product produced by the company have been recognized by international semiconductor chip manufacturers.

The company advocates an open, cooperative, focus and efficient corporate culture, and is dedicated to creating good working conditions and growth space for employees, working hand in hand with andmoving forward together with all staff. It aims to jointly solve the core technical pain points in China's semiconductor field, break through the monopoly of semiconductor equipment, and promote the development of regional semiconductor equipment industry chain.Since the company is now entering a rapid development stage,itrecruits like-minded people to join, builds a broad development stage for all kinds of outstanding talents with diversified career growth paths, and creates win-win and common growth with all employees.It allows all the talents to learn the cutting-edge professional technology in the field of semiconductor equipment,and get competitive salary.

Salary package

1、Salary&bonus: Basic salary, performance bonus, project bonus, and other kinds of awards.

2、Social security provident fund,supplementary medical insurance,supplementary housing provident fund,paid annual leave,overtime allowance,annual birthday benefits,annual physical examination,league building and various employee activities are all available.


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